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You need staff – but wonder how to design a meaningful job description? How to work a fair selection process, what interview questions to ask and how eventually to decide on a candidate?


Leave it to us.

We will discuss your requirement in detail  and will then do the leg work, only involving you in the very last round of interviews. We will present you with candidates to choose from going through the Kolbe A-Index  – which then reveals whether the candidate is a good fit for your business.

Kolbe A-Index

Do you often wonder whether there is more to your personality than your skills? Yes there is! And it’s something that isn’t very often talked about – but nevertheless extremely powerful – it’s your instinct, your “gut feel”. The Kolbe A Index is looking for exactly that, the reactions and actions you instinctively take, the ones that never change, because you are born with these instincts. Kolbe then shows you how to use these instincts best to take out the stress in your life, eliminate the guess work and have you perform within your natural strengths.

Take the Kolbe A™ Index

And what I do works....

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