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About Marianne Rutz

Marianne’s Story

My name is Marianne Rutz, I am your business strategist and project manager, internationally recognised with clients residing in Switzerland, Germany, and France as well as the United Kingdom.

I lend support to small and medium entrepreneurs, specialising in mentoring those who need to cut through the maze of overwhelm, possibilities and options and really get stuff done!
My experience is extensive in project management. In the corporate industry I have worked with international organizations including Hertz, Ralph Lauren, Thomas Cook, and Santander Bank.

In addition, I have also experienced first hand the trials and tribulations that come with returning back into the managerial side of the workforce, having travelled the cancer journey myself.

With this experience I have developed a goal focussed/action based GID (get it done) programme.

I leverage my 20 years of experience in project management and operational excellence to help my clients adapt to changing circumstances in their lives and businesses, setting priorities based on their core values.

I combine my passion for people with simplified processes and practical project management to create authentic movement in business.

Now I want to help you in creating a profitable and successful business and to help you enjoy a life you love!

I’m not just all business…

My husband Kevin and I live in a beautiful location in Scotland, we love the outdoors and travel. We enjoy time with our family, which admittedly we would love to have more off! Our children live abroad – another reason why I started my own business. I want to be able to spend more time with them and with our adorable seven grandchildren!

When I’m not working with one of my clients on strategy or project management I enjoy Fashion, Sports or simply doing nothing with a Gin & Tonic in my hand.

To me life is precious.

I will help you to find solutions, offer options,  and serve as your wise counsel so that you can be happy and content in your world.

Marianne Rutz

  • MBA 1992
  • Certified HR Management (Dundalk Institute of Technology)
  • Certified Transformational Coach (The Health Coach Institute San Diego) 2017
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Prince 2 Practitioner
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