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2nd Cancerversary

Here it is again, coming round to pay a visit, 3 days before my 2nd wedding anniversary. Today is the day – my 2nd cancerversary.

Last year I was contemplating what had possibly gone wrong in my life that I got cancer. Why had I been given a dance partner that constantly stepped on my toes, led me over a dance floor that I hadn’t chosen and clearly wasn’t a good dancer in the first place?

Note – I didn’t fight my cancer, nor did I kick it’s ass. I chose to dance with it.
This year I’m celebrating that very fact that I danced with it.

? I worked with the drugs I have been given
? I studied and got certified in transformational coaching
? I resigned from my corporate position with a leading out-sourcer
? started my own coaching & consulting business
? I worked with beautiful people, helping them to find a way out of their situation, moving forward in life and in business

?Wow – I did a lot! ?

I’m not that woman wearing red pants inside out and a cape!

My guidance how to dance with cancer comes from the one true God! He thought I could handle to be thrown onto the dance floor with Mr. Cancer!

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