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1st cancerversary!

So it’s here! My first cancerversary. For a number of weeks now I have relived the days and months leading up to what should have been the most important day in Kevin’s and my life, looking for clues I might have missed. Pointers that might have prepared me for the worst four little words I have ever been told:

You have got cancer.

3 days before my wedding the rug was pulled under my feet.

  • Was I too busy noticing the beast living in my body?
  • Was my nutrition wrong?
  • Did I drink too much coffee?
  • Did I not do enough sports?
  • Was I travelling too much?
  • Was I working too long hours?

And the list goes on.

I’m tormented, wanting to ignore the 29 September, as if it never happened. But it has. I have gone through surgery, the evidence will always be there. I’ve gone through chemo therapy. I have been sick day after day, had painfully tingly hands and feet. I got every infection going, due to the cancer drugs killing off my immune system. I’m battling with longer term side effects. But I’m still here. I’m alive and in remission.

Begs the question why am I even talking about my cancerversary?

Because it’s so closely linked to my wedding anniversary. I will always remember the 29 September before the 2nd of October. I need to give it some room so I can truly celebrate our wedding anniversary! The best wedding I could ever have asked for. Our wedding vows were stretched, for better and worse, in sickness and in health. We took these vows knowing and experiencing the full meaning of them.

Because the last 12 months have been by fare the most challenging and most difficult in my life. When I had challenges before, I applied my project management skills like Prince 2 and 6Sigma, pulled in favours from colleagues or simply worked until they were overcome. My principled and organized way of doing things didn’t follow through here. I had to let go and trust my life in Gods hands.

Because I’ve made new friends. I met wonderful, inspiring, supportive people. 2 new friends died, I had the privilege to be part of their lives.

Because I’ve embarked on a new professional journey in health coaching and applied occupational psychology. Fascinating stuff! The power of the brain, self responsibility and employers responsibility in health issues. Nutrition, good and bad.

Health and work – the most burning topics in modern life! My career has just moved up a notch or two – and I’m loving it.

Conclusion: My cancerversary deserves the spot it’s claiming in my life.

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