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Maggies Forth Valley

You are really really close to nailing your business, you have made a great income over the last two years, you are the manager of your business – and now you want to up-level your work.

It’s time to measure growth and feel excited about opportunities and possibilities open to you. If it only wasn’t that overwhelming! You are looking for clarity and direction in the noisy world of business.

That’s where I come in – and we work together – so that you can feel confident about your next steps and you can measure success. Which in return gives you a clear indicator that you are on the right track.  How do we do this?

Find the perfect match - Working alongside You and Your Business

Project Management Services

Getting into the trenches with your staff? Leading the way in operational excellence? That’s me – and what I have done successfully for over 20 years in the corporate world. I’ve managed multi million dollar projects for Thomas Cook, Ralph Lauren, Banco Santander including recruitment and HR support.

I’m passionate about processes and profits – built and achieved through people.

Blog Posts & Podcasts

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